Personal travel blog by Rey Maulana. Travel blogger, instagrapher, and influencer from Lombok island, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

He love take the-off-beaten path when he go traveling. He loves adventure traveling, but also don’t mind chill and enjoy city sightseeing.

Currently he working as front desk agent in resort, and doing travel blog as his hobby. Follow His photo feed also  at Instagram @reymaulana !


We are Indonesian Travel Bloggers, and this our vision.

As part of Indonesia’s tourism, we are promoting the country as a wonderful and sustainable tourism destination. We see the whole of Indonesia as our home. A home with the sea full of underwater richness as its front yard, and the magnificent natural landscapes as its backyard full of astonishing wildlife. A home with vibrant cities and charming towns as its meeting points. A home with wonderful people as our family, with our beautifully diverse cultures and traditions that make each of us unique.

As part of this great home and family, we try to see as many parts of it as possible, and become familiar with the various aspects of life of the people living in it. As travel bloggers, we are ambassadors that introduce and promote these different corners and cultures to other members of the family, as well as to the rest of the world. We also engage ourselves in a media activism that helps develop tourism in Indonesia according to principles of sustainability and wise community development. We share a hope that our beaches stay pristine and our forests lush. We also have hopes that our people become empowered through a tourism that grows hand in hand with local businesses, such as environmentally responsible agricultural and fishery activities, handmade production of souvenirs, transportation and accommodation services, traditional cuisines, and many others.

Together we, Indonesian Travel Bloggers, stand united for Indonesia. And to you, our readers, let us greet you with our new slogan: Home. Hearts. Indonesia.

Happy Green Travels!

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